Kyei Amoako

Kyei Amoako

About Me

My name is Kyei Amoako, pronounced “Chay Amo-ako,” and I help leaders communicate. As an author, a coach and a consultant, I’ve written and published memoirs, guided individuals and teams towards clarity, and managed communications for leaders and organizations across the USA and Ghana. I help bring ideas to life,  connect people to opportunities, help teams solve problems, and coach people towards accomplishing their goals.

Born in Accra, Ghana, and educated in Ghana and in the USA, I obtained my undergraduate degree in accounting from Kean University and graduate degree in marketing and communications from Franklin University.

I like music, love playing with new technology and have imagined myself playing in a band. I believe that there’s enough of everything for anyone who has a plan and commits to “practicing the process.”

I’m a husband, a father and a community advocate who lives by the mantra: Win where it matters, look for the best in people and make room for serendipity.

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