Kyei Amoako


LIFE IN PROGRESS: Winning Where it Matters

Our decisions are informed by what we believe, I have learned. What we believe about ourselves and about the world around us determine many of the outcomes we experience in life. My journey through life, which started out in West Africa and continues in North America, is a Hero’s Journey of sorts. From my bright-eyed teenage days, through my ambitious young adult phase, and into my perceptive adult years, I’ve often had a different perspective on many things.

I’ve asked questions, learned lessons, tested opinions, and sought facts. In the process, I discovered the critical role that decisions play in realizing my purpose, facing my fears, nurturing thriving relationships, wrestling with matters of faith, and pursuing happiness. Winning where it matters is not easy, but it is possible. A life on your own terms is possible. Here, I offer some ideas for your consideration.

LEADERS DON’T HAVE TO YELL: National Team Coach on Leading High-Performing Teams

Ghana’s Coach James Kwasi Appiah highlights experiences from his international playing and coaching career, and showcases his thoughts on Ghana football’s past, present and future. Appiah also discusses major events during his time as a player, his journey to becoming an international coach, qualifying the national team to the World Cup, his teams’ preparations and participation in the 2019 African Cup of Nations, Ghana’s Best XI, and leaving a legacy.

The book is divided into four parts: Part 1 – From Boy to Man, about his childhood through to his days with Kumasi Asante Kotoko; Part 2 – A Leader of Men and Teams, about becoming a coach and eventually the coach of the Black Stars; Part 3 – Champions Always Play to Win, about key events in his playing and coaching career; and Part 4 – Leaving a Legacy, about money, Ghana’s Best XI, and the future of Ghana football.

LOVE LOCKED DOWN: A Guide to Finding and Maintaining Lasting Love Relationships

Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. Beyond falling in love, many people desire a meaningful relationship that makes them feel loved and fulfilled. Okyeame Kwame and Annica share anecdotes from their compelling love story and offer their unique points of view on finding and maintaining lasting love relationships. With practical tips and relatable ideas, they bring fresh perspectives to dating, intimacy, sex, conflict, communication, transparency, commitment, collaboration, security and excitement.

Whether dating, in a relationship, engaged, or married, this book offers an innovative resource to help you find clarity about the kind of relationship you seek. Through the stories, research, concepts and worksheets, this is a uniquely pragmatic approach to finding a life partner and navigating the sometimes-elusive areas of love and family life.